Claim Form Tips

The Staff of the Office of the State Public Defender want to process your claims for payment as quickly as possible.  The following suggestions can assist in avoiding problems and ensuring your claims are processed efficiently:

  • Read the administrative rules on State Public Defender website at
  • Sign your Claim Form.
  • Proofread the claim. Make sure names, case numbers & county match attachments.
  • Check attachments (appointment order/ order to exceed / disposition order / itemization / receipts).
  • Staple claim packet before mailing. NO paperclips & NO loose papers.
  • Properly order the claim materials:  two copies of the claim form followed by appointment order, any order to exceed, disposition order, and any other relevant orders, itemization, and receipts—NOT two packets of information.
  • The appointment date = date the Judge signs the order—NOT the date the person applies for court appointed counsel.
  • Submit within 45 days of “date of service”—usually date of the check-boxed ‘Disposition’.
  • Include the code sections available on SPD website. Enter as listed. Separate multiple code sections with semicolon followed by no space. New forms fill in the offense for you. DO NOT leave the default of “Not Found”. Fill in the box with the correct offense. Contempt cases should include the type of contempt and the proper code section.
  • Juvenile claims only need the last names(s) of the child/children in the Case Name field.
  • Submit your time in tenths of an hour on the claim form—not hundredths.
  • Break down expenses on the claim form instead of just listing a total amount.
  • Obtain prior approval for extraordinary expenditures.
  • Do not pay interpreters or experts directly—they should submit their claims on separate miscellaneous claim forms.
  • Make sure the address and pay to information on your claim form matches your most recently submitted W-9 form and contract.

Do not hesitate to contact the Claims Staff with questions before you submit the claim.