Indigent Defense Fee Claim Forms

New adult, appellate and juvenile indigent defense claim forms are available for you to save and complete on your own computer. This form is the only nonpreprinted version of the claim form you can use. Do not make up your own form and submit it to us as we will return the claim to you. The State Public Defender is no longer having these forms printed and distributed to the Clerks of Court. You may continue submitting claims on the pre-printed forms until the clerk's supply is exhausted.

You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to use these forms. Reader is free and may be downloaded at Adobe downloads To navigate within the form use the tab key to move between fields and use your arrow key to move within fields. We will not accept forms that are more than one page long. So please do not change the form to expand fields as you will exceed one page and your claim will be returned to you.

You will need to submit the original signed claim form plus a signed copy of the form.

You can print out two copies, sign both and submit both or you can print out one copy, sign it, make a photocopy of it, and submit both.

Also, you will need to submit your claim forms and supporting documents arranged in the following order: two signed claim forms, appointment order, any orders to exceed, disposition order, any other relevant orders, itemization of services, other receipts or supporting documents. 

Saving and Printing a Claim Form

You may save the form on your computer by selecting "save as" from the "file" drop down menu. You may print the form just as you would print any .pdf document.

Adult Claim Form

Adult Claim Form Instructions

Appellate Claim Form

Appellate Claim Form Instructions

Juvenile Claim Form

Juvenile Claim Form Instructions