Online Claim Submission

As of March 1, 2020, all miscellaneous claims must be submitted electronically, unless you are a state employee. 

A brief training manual can be found here: Court Reporter Training Manual

If you provided services for a State Public Defender Field Office, please select the appropriate field office from the drop down menu.  

Certified Shorthand Reporter Claims are governed by State Public Defender Rule 13.2(4), which should be reviewed carefully before submitting a claim.  Rule 13.2(4) describes the requirements for a claim and sets maximum rates for certified shorthand reporting services. Claims not in compliance with Rule 13.2(4) will be reduced or denied.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Summary of Required Elements has been updated.  

Summary of Required Elements of a Certified Shorthand Reporter Claim

A completed SPD Substitute W-9 Form with your accurate information must be on file with our office.

miscellaneous claim form (original and one copy) must be completed and must contain:

  • The case name, entire case number and county in which the action is pending.
  • The name of the attorney for whom the services were provided.
  • The date on which the transcript was ordered.
  • The date on which the transcript was delivered or services completed. 
  • The total amount of the claim.
  • The claimant’s name; address; social security number, federal tax identification number or vendor identification number; e-mail address, if any; and telephone number.

3. One copy of each of the following attachments is required:

  • The court order granting authority to hire the certified shorthand reporter at state expense.
  • The order appointing counsel, an order with a finding of indigence for a pro se party (party not represented by counsel), or a Missildine order pursuant to Iowa Code section 815.1 (2019).
  • Itemization of services including date of deposition, persons deposed, arrival and departure time at the deposition, number of pages and the cost per page, travel time and listing of any other charges.
  • If expedited transcript rates are claimed under subparagraph 13.2(4)β€œd”(10), an e-mail or other written statement from the attorney explaining that expedited delivery is required.
  • If a cancellation fee is claimed under subparagraph 13.2(4)β€œd”(6), documentation of the date and time that notice of cancellation was given.
  • If the certified shorthand reporter is a state employee, a certification by the certified shorthand reporter that none of the time for which the claim is being submitted is time for which the certified shorthand reporter was being paid by the state.

Submission Procedure

Claims must be submitted online: